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Lagoa da Conceição
Florianópolis is a marvellous city - just imagine all the natural beauty of the island seen from above. The paragliding tour of Magic Island is a unique moment of contemplation of nature with an extra dose of adrenaline.
Lagoa da Conceição
Wakeboarding in Florianópolis A board, a rope, a boat or jetski and the desire to feel that excitement in your belly is all you need to practice wakeboarding in Florianópolis. This water sport is practiced on a board where the person is towed by a boat or jetski, with the aid of a cable. The practitioner...
Lagoa da Conceição
Flyboarding in Florianópolis The flyboard in Florianópolis is the summer sensation. If you have ever dreamed of flying, you need to get to know this sport. Those who pass through Lagoa da Conceição delight in the practice. The device can take the practitioner up to ten meters high, with great freedom for various maneuvers in the air....
4-Wheeler Tour in Florianópolis If you like speed and adrenaline, the 4-Wheeler Tour on the beaches of Ingleses and Santinho is ideal for you. The two-hour drive is great for all kinds of 4×4 vehicles. Because the route way is full of uphill and downhill slopes, a log bridge and a beautiful view of the north...
Caldas da Imperatriz
River Rafting Trip from Florianópolis To enjoy river rafting you do not need to have experience, just a team spirit and eagerness for excitement. The descents are guided by experienced instructors, and to make sure that everyone has an unforgettable experience, there are two options available: one for all ages, and another for a more...
Lagoa da Conceição
Windsurfing in Florianópolis The geographical position of Florianópolis is one of the most privileged in Brazil for the practice of extreme sports. The capital of Santa Catarina has great beaches, lagoons and constant winds for the practice of windsurfing. The city has a lifestyle that values ​​outdoor living and extreme sports, being the perfect place...
Lagoa da Conceição
Kitesurfing in Florianópolis The strategic location of Florianópolis provides excellent conditions for kitesurfing, from beginner to advanced. For anyone who is beginning this sport, Lagoa da Conceição is the perfect place. Kitesurfing is a mix of windsurfing with skiing, wakeboarding and surfing, where the practitioner glides on the water on a board, pulled by the kite,...
Horseback Riding at Night
Mocambique Beach
Horseback Riding During Full Moon Horseback riding is a great way to experience a well-preserved region of the island, the Rio Vermelho neighborhood. During full moon nights, the experience is even more special, when it is possible to contemplate the island’s natural beauties under the moonlight. The ride is also a history and geography class of...
Boat Rental
Lagoa da Conceição
Charter a boat in Florianópolis With 172 km of coast and 42 beaches, Florianópolis is the ideal city for those who want to be in contact with the sea. The personalized boat ride is a great alternative for those who want to spend the whole day enjoying the beauties of the north of the island with...
Lagoa da Conceição
Sandboarding on the Dunes in Florianópolis Sandboarding, or sand surfing, is an excellent leisure option in Florianópolis. This sport mixes maneuvers of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, and provides an exciting experience for practitioners, being ideal for those who look for adrenaline-pumping adventure. Located in an area between Avenida das Rendeiras and Joaquina Beach, the Joaquina Dunes...
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