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Wakeboarding in Florianópolis

A board, a rope, a boat or jetski and the desire to feel that excitement in your belly is all you need to practice wakeboarding in Florianópolis. This water sport is practiced on a board where the person is towed by a boat or jetski, with the aid of a cable. The practitioner performs maneuvers while being pulled, jumping from one side to the other. The person takes advantage of the waves formed by the boat. 

The sport is not as difficult as it seems. Just a few tries are all it takes to be able to stand on the board. In Florianópolis, Lagoa da Conceição is the main point for the practice of wakeboarding.

In addition to the adrenaline rush, wakeboarding works the muscles of the whole body, improving coordination and physical fitness. The body and mind can feel the benefits of practicing a sport that provides a sense of freedom, stimulating well-being, balance, and concentration. In addition, it eliminates symptoms of stress and anxiety. Wakeboarding in Florianópolis can be practiced by children (from 8 years of age) and adults.

Surfers invented the sport in the United States in the 1980s. It was a way to have fun during non-wave days. First of all, surfers put loops on surfboards to hold their feet, quite different from what happens today. Consequently, with the development of the practice of this sport, specific equipment for wakeboarding is available in the market.

Don’t miss the opportunity to practice wakeboarding in Florianópolis in one of the most beautiful places in the city.

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