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Naufragados Beach Tour

Praia de Naufragados is the southernmost beach in Floripa, located 43 km from the city center. It has only one form of access by land, a trail which takes approximately 50 minutes to walk, and which ends at waterfalls and the ruins of a flour mill. Access can also be made by the sea, in boats that leave Caieira da Barra do Sul.

The beach is home to historical mysteries, buildings from other centuries and almost pristine vegetation. The region is known for several shipwrecks since the time of Portuguese colonization and is considered one of the largest shipwreck sanctuaries in Brazil, hence the name Praia de Naufragados or ‘Beach of Shipwrecks’. In 1861, a lighthouse was built to signal entry through the bar of the South Bay, and to help passing boats navigate through the area. Today, it is only possible to visit the ruins of the fort. It is located in the preservation area of the State Park of Tabuleiro, and is an ideal place to get in touch with nature, far from cars or pollution.

The area has only a few locals’ bars, which serve drinks and seafood dishes – remember that cards are not accepted as payment method.

Come and visit one of the most pristine beaches in Florianópolis, where its history is well preserved by its remote location. Book your tour!

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Departures: Saturdays 08:00 Return: 18:00
Approximately 10 hours.
Round trip to the beginning of the trail + guide
Swimsuit, comfortable sneakers, a change of clothes, sunscreen and repellent
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