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Surf Lessons in Florianópolis

Florianópolis breathes the culture of surfing. The geography of the island allows for practicing the sport almost 365 days a year. With more than 40 beaches, it is common to see men and women walking with their boards under their arms, and the arrival of a great swell is a unanimous subject in the wheels of conversation on the sand. Barra da Lagoa Beach, Joaquina Beach and Matadeiro Beach are the best for those who are starting out.

Barra da Lagoa Beach is the darling of beginners. There the sea is not so strong and it is common to see people on their first day of practice already standing on the board. With a strip of sand about 650 m long, Barra da Lagoa offers a variety of surf schools and board rental locations. The region is home to the city’s largest fishing community and boasts a number of fine restaurants with menus filled with great fish and seafood options.

The left corner of Joaquina Beach and Matadeiro Beach are also great for surfing. The “Joaca”, as it is affectionately called by local surfers, is the most famous surf peak in the city, being the main location of important championships in the first division of the sport. Matadeiro Beach, in the south of Florianópolis, is another option for those who want to begin practicing the sport.

Besides physical exercise, surfers learn about rips, winds, currents, tides and even geography – after all, you have to know where the best waves are. 

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Campeche Beach, in the place known as Palanque dos Surfistas. The access is made by Servidão Caminho dos Surfistas. Park your bike or your car at the end of the street and cross a small dune, already in the sand of the beach is our meeting point.
The classes have an average duration of 1h15 separated as follows: 15 minutes of techniques and theory in the sand and 1h of practical class in the water. Tuesday to Sunday Hours: 9am, 10am and 11am.
All equipment is provided by the school, being: neoprene)clothing, board and accessories (leash, wax, and lycra).