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River Rafting Trip from Florianópolis

To enjoy river rafting you do not need to have experience, just a team spirit and eagerness for excitement. The descents are guided by experienced instructors, and to make sure that everyone has an unforgettable experience, there are two options available: one for all ages, and another for a more adventurous ride.

The first route is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy nature without too much adrenaline, descending the river along a 3km course, approximately 1h30 in duration. For a more exciting experience, Adventure Rafting offers excellent routes along a 5km course with 40m of descent, passing through 14 rapids.

The tour takes place on the Cubatão do Sul River, in Caldas da Imperatriz, located around the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, located 32 km from the center of Florianópolis. It’s great fun in all weather conditions, and the thermal waters of the Rio Cubatão do Sul are known for their health properties, being considered the second best in Brazil.

Do not forget to bring comfortable clothing that may get wet, an extra change of clothes, swimwear, water shoes, extra shoes, and lots of enthusiasm. Do not miss this amazing experience. Book your river rafting experience!


Rafting Day Trip
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Activity + safety equipment
Comfortable clothes (will get wet), extra change of clothes, swimsuit, footwear for water, extra change of footwear.
It depends on the route chosen. Rafting for all ages: 3km long course and approximately 1h30 in duration Adventure Rafting: 5km long course and approximately 2h in duration
Easy, can be practiced by children from 8 years of age
Regardless of the weather conditions, the tour will go ahead. With rainfall it is even more exciting because the Rio Cubatão becomes fuller.