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Trip to Iguazu Falls from Florianópolis

Traveling to Brazil and not visiting the Iguacu Falls, a world-renowned set of about 275 waterfalls, is a deadly sin for any traveler. Foz do Iguaçu is a city in the state of Paraná. The region is home to the Brazilian side of the fantastic falls. The Trip to Iguazu Falls from Florianópolis takes about 900 km longer. In 2017, Foz do Iguaçu was voted one of the most beautiful destinations in the world by Expedia, one of the largest online travel agencies in the world.

The main attraction of the city is the Iguaçu National Park. It’s an icon in nature conservation and in the sustainable development of tourism. Joined by the Iguaçu River to the Iguazú National Park in Argentina, the Park integrates the most important biological continuum of the Central-South of South America.

From the Argentine side, you can see the Garganta del Diablo. It’s the most voluminous fall among the 275 that are part of the Iguaçu Falls system. The force and sound of this waterfall, from more than 80 m in height, is very impressive. It is a spectacle of nature that is very much worth seeing with your own eyes.

From Foz do Iguaçu, it is possible to visit the chaotic City of East, in Paraguay. The place is known for the sale of cosmetics, drinks and electronic products at very inviting prices.

Do not forget to visit the Iguazu Falls, considered a Natural Heritage of Humanity. Schedule your Trip to Iguazu Falls from Florianópolis now

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