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Flyboarding in Florianópolis

The flyboard in Florianópolis is the summer sensation. If you have ever dreamed of flying, you need to get to know this sport. Those who pass through Lagoa da Conceição delight in the practice. The device can take the practitioner up to ten meters high, with great freedom for various maneuvers in the air.

On a board that looks like a wakeboard, a high-pressure hose is attached to the jet ski’s turbine, running like a water pump and propelling the person up. The flyboard is an invention of the competition driver, the Frenchman Frank Zapata, who took more than four years to develop the product.

It is not necessary to have experience in the sport to start practicing it. The key is to find the break-even point. It is not a question of strength, but of concentration and tranquility. The tip of the pros is to keep your legs firm, slightly flexed, without looking down. Ready! You’ll be flying.

Those who have practiced the flyboard in Florianópolis do not have the words to describe it. In a few minutes, you will be flying over five metres up in the air, like a Superman mixed with Aquaman. The flyboard is addictive and you will love to practice! Book your session now.

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