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Charter a boat in Florianópolis

With 172 km of coast and 42 beaches, Florianópolis is the ideal city for those who want to be in contact with the sea. The personalized boat ride is a great alternative for those who want to spend the whole day enjoying the beauties of the north of the island with all the infrastructure and safety. In addition to the great service provided by the crew on the boats, you can enjoy various facilities, such as barbecues, cocktails, and dinners.

The north of the Island is a region with several beaches of calm sea and crystal clear water. During the tour, you can also visit the islands near the coast, such as the Francês, the Ratones, and the Anhatomirim.

If you enjoy snorkeling, Arvoredo Island is a diving paradise. This site is part of the Biological Reserve of Arvoredo and, together with Abrolhos and Fernando de Noronha, is one of the few marine biological reserves in Brazil. Because it is the meeting point of several different sea currents, it is possible to find a great marine biodiversity, with diverse species of fish, crustaceans, and corals.

Come and take a stroll along the seafront, snorkel, and enjoy the best that Florianópolis can offer. Contact us and book your boat now.

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Lagoa da Conceição
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