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Day Trip to Beto Carrero from Florianópolis

Beto Carrero World is the largest and most complete Latin American entertainment complex, with a zoo, amusement rides of all kinds, and many incredible live shows and events. Installed in an area of 14 million m² in one of the most beautiful regions of the Brazilian coast, 112 km away from Florianópolis, it brings together in one place moments of great joy and fun for all ages.

In 2017, Beto Carrero World was chosen for the fourth consecutive year as number one in South America in the Theme Parks and Water Parks category by Travelers’ Choice ™ TripAdvisor. This year, it also received the title of best theme park in Brazil, winning the award “Best of Travel and Tourism” from Editora Abril.

There are more than 100 incredible attractions, such as firecracker shows like the FireWhip, the roller coaster that turns upside down five times, and the Big Tower where passengers experience a breathtaking descent from over 40 m high. The motor show, named the Fast and the Furious, is sure to satisfy those with a thirst for speed.

There is also a complete service structure, such as restaurants, snack bars, outpatient clinic, and countless gift shops.

From adrenaline-pumping to more relaxed activities, one thing is certain: you’ll have lots of fun with all your family and friends at Beto Carrero World !!

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