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Campeche Island Day Trip
Day Trip to Campeche Island The Campeche Island is a piece of paradise, with the crystalline waters and preserved vegetation. It’s located in the southern region of Florianópolis. The place is home to the largest number of rock inscriptions that have been mapped in Florianópolis. The sites containing artefacts belonging to various indigenous groups. So, in...
Lagoinha do Leste
Lagoinha do Leste
Tour of Lagoinha do Leste Lagoinha do Leste is the main attraction of Florianópolis for those who enjoy contact with nature, and is considered a hidden paradise in the south of Brazil. The trail to the beach is ranked number 1 by the Trip Advisor site, one of the main travel sites in the world....
Lagoa da Conceição
Florianópolis is a marvellous city - just imagine all the natural beauty of the island seen from above. The paragliding tour of Magic Island is a unique moment of contemplation of nature with an extra dose of adrenaline.
Lagoa da Conceição
Wakeboarding in Florianópolis A board, a rope, a boat or jetski and the desire to feel that excitement in your belly is all you need to practice wakeboarding in Florianópolis. This water sport is practiced on a board where the person is towed by a boat or jetski, with the aid of a cable. The practitioner...
Lagoa da Conceição
Flyboarding in Florianópolis The flyboard in Florianópolis is the summer sensation. If you have ever dreamed of flying, you need to get to know this sport. Those who pass through Lagoa da Conceição delight in the practice. The device can take the practitioner up to ten meters high, with great freedom for various maneuvers in the air....
Blumenau and Pomerode
Blumenau and Pomerode
Day Trip to Blumenau and Pomerode The Day Trip to Blumenau and Pomerode is an amazing experience at European Valley. The region is known for being strongly colonized by German and other countries of the old continent. Because of that, the most visited are Blumenau. The city enchants Brazilian and foreign tourists for its architecture and...
Floripa Historic Tour
City Center
Floripa Historic Tour In addition to the beautiful scenery, which is breathtaking for anyone who visits Florianópolis, the island is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage.  The Floripa Historic Tour will take back in time when the strategic position of the island was fundamental to the Portuguese dominion in the southern region...
Experiment Floripa
South of the Island
South of the Island Tour The Experiment Floripa itinerary takes you on a lovely tour through the south of the Island. The region is the most preserved of the city. In addition, there the beaches, the coasts, and the Lagoa do Peri would take any tourists breath away. The south of the Island tour starts...
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