5 best day trips in Florianópolis

No shortage of things to do in Florianopolis

With 42 beaches, two lagoons, and vast sand dunes, Florianópolis offers a diverse set of tours for all styles of travel. So that you do not waste any time in visiting the most special places of the city, we have created a list with the five best day trips in Florianópolis.

Lagoinha do Leste

Lagoinha do Leste beach is the main attraction of Florianópolis for those who enjoy contact with nature, is considered a hidden paradise in the south of Brazil. So it’s number one on our list.Being a Permanent Preservation Area, access to the beach is done on foot or by boat. The trail that leaves the beach of Matadeiro is the longest, about 2 hours long, but it is the most beautiful. The trail from Pântano do Sul is shorter, with a duration of 30 minutes and has a better physical structure, such as steps and ropes.

Campeche Island

The Island of Campeche is surely the Caribbean in the south of Brazil. The crystalline waters and the well-preserved nature make this place one of the best day trips in Florianópolis. In order to have an idea of ​​the cultural importance of this place, the Island of Campeche was registered as National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage by the Ministry of Culture in 2010.

Costa da Lagoa

The Costa da Lagoa, a fishing village in Florianópolis, is a special corner of the city and has the best walks in Florianópolis. Access to the neighborhood is done by a trail or by boats that leave the center of Lagoa da Conceição. The village is one of the main tourist attractions of the city, an unforgettable tour that gathers history, culture, contact with nature and traditional seafood cuisine.

South of the Island

The south of the island is one of the most well-preserved regions of the city and occupies the fourth place in the ranking of best tours in Florianópolis. Praia do Matadeiro is one of the most enchanting beaches in the south of Floripa. It is well known for the quality of the waves for surfing and for having been a strategic point in whale hunting during the last century.

Ribeirão da Ilha is another special district of the island. This neighborhood preserves constructions of Portuguese style, typical of the Azorean colonization. In addition, the region is a reference in oyster production in Brazil, responsible for about 90% of the country’s production.

Barra da Lagoa

The calm sea and slow currents of Barra da Lagoa make this beach the darling of beginner surfers. The neighborhood, known for being an old fishing village, offers great infrastructure, with a wide network of hotels and restaurants.

In Barra da Lagoa it is also possible to visit Projeto Tamar, a non-governmental organization that works in the conservation of species of endangered sea turtles.

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